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Establish relationships and attitudes with honesty, ethics, transparency and respect.

Business unit specialized in management systems linked to the quality, whichincludes mapping of all critical processes to the functioning of the organization, implementation of systems, internal audits, among many other steps for the organization to have optimal conditions to obtain the certificate and keep the system in operation always striving for continuous improvement.

Quality Management

  • ISO 9000 Quality System;
  • Mapping and identification of critical processes;
  • Evaluation of suppliers;
  • Quality System - TS 16949 Automotive;
  • Quality System - TL 9000 Telecom Sector;
  • Good Manufacturing Practices - Pharmaceutical Sector RDC 59;
  • Food Safety System - ISO 22000;
  • Quality System - ISO 17025 Laboratories;
  • Quality System - ISO 13485 Health Products.

Management of sectoral programs

  • Program quality sector;
  • Building Installation (Qualinstal) (Brazil);
  • Construction (PBQP-H) (Brazil).