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Business unit focused on providing services related to the establishment and management aspects of business sustainability and the use and application of energy, including aspects of life cycle processes and products, establishment of carbon credits and energy management (ISO 50001).

Energy Management System

  • Implementation of Energy Management Systems (EMS) ISO 50001;
  • Planning and carrying out energy audits and/or energy review;
  • Planning and conducting internal audits of the EMS.


Carbon Credit

  • Analysis of production processes on the emission of CO2 equivalent and feasibility study for the reduction and crediting;
  • Project design to be validated by Certification Bodies;
  • Assistance in marketing of carbon credits generated;
  • Monitoring of project implementation and results.


Life Cycle Analysis

  • Conducting inventory of impacts;
  • Rating impacts throughout the life cycle;
  • Planning and implementation of mitigation of significant impacts.

  • Monitoring of market information
    • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.