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Business unit focused on advisory services for Brazilian and foreign companies that have the purpose of analyzing new markets and in need of a full feasibility study of products and services in the country. Still works with advice on research projects, development and innovation (RD&I), and product regulation, conformity assessment of products and services, CE and UL certification.

Regulatory and market

  • Advice on the specification of products and services;
  • Research and market survey;
  • Analysis of technical and economic feasibility;
  • Advice on processes of technical standardization and legislation.


Conformity assessment of products and services

  • Establishing procedures for the evaluation of voluntary compliance and compulsory;
  • Planning compliance sector (development of sectoral rules, training programs and training);
  • CE Mark;
  • UL Certification.


Projects in research, development and innovation

  • Establishing and defining the structure and scope of RD&I projects;
  • Organization of interfaces and academic sector in the development of RD&I projects;
  • Coordination and project managerial RD&I.